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Sports car insurance quotes from Flux Insurance

We specialise in Sports Car Insurance.
Whether your sports car is a classic or a new arrival, we can cover you. No matter what car you drive or your driving history - We can cover You!
Get a quick quote online using our simple one page sports car insurance form below or call us to talk to specialist sports car insurance brokers about your particular cover needs.
Tell us the best quote you've had from other sports car insurers and we'll get you cheaper cover!

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Our unique quotation system combines quotes from specialist sports car insurance schemes to obtain you the widest cover and cheaper premiums for your sports car insurance cover.

We Provide Cover for every type of Sports Car including:

Kit Sports Car Insurance
Classic Sports Cars Insurance
Imported Sports Car Insurance for cars from Japan, Australia etc
Left Hand Drive Sports Car Insurance
American Sports Car Insurance
Modified Sports Car Insurance
Custom Sports Car Insurance
Hot Hatch Sports Car Insurance
High Performance Sports Car Insurance
Exotics Sports Car Insurance for Ferrari, Bugatti etc
Sports Car Insurance for cars over 20 years old

In addition at Sports Car Insurance we can cover ALL drivers no matter what driving history or problems you may have!
We have specialist sports car insurance driver schemes for:

Young Drivers
Female Drivers
Sports Car Drivers with 2 or more previous Accidents / Claims
Sports Car Drivers with 2 or more driving convictions
Sports Car Drivers with Any Criminal conviction
Sports Car Drivers with Any driver with disability or medical condition
Sports Car Drivers with Any person who has had insurance refused / cancelled
Sports Car Drivers over 75 years old

Got a strange or higher risk Occupation? We can cover every profession!

Non standard occupations i.e. Footballer, Actor etc

Live in a different area? Problems with your Postcode?

We provide sports car insurance for High Risk rated areas, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man are covered